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The lender will issue a Decision in Principle for your loan within hours.  Fastrack your Online Bridging loan & funds can be available within 24 hours of application.

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We’re a leading provider of specialist Online Bridging Loans and Bridging Finance, helping homeowners, landlords and property investors meet their financial goals. We are based in London, but have clients all over the UK.  Our work ethics are based on these three pillars:

♦ Ensuring an easy process

♦ Providing professional advice

♦ And creating happy customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to deliver reliable loan solutions

A bridging loan is an interest only loan designed for a short period of time secured on land, commercial property or residential property.

No, lenders will focus on the exit plan strategy rather than the affordability of the borrower, we will structure a loan to suit a borrowers specific needs. You may have the option to deduct the interest upfront, service the payments monthly or roll up the interest for development (ground up) deals.

There is no minimum term, however some lenders have a minimum interest payment for the loan or Early Repayments Charges (ERCs) that are charged if borrowers exit the loan before the agreed term.

Subject to meeting the lender’s underwriting criteria you can borrow from £25,000 to £30,000,000 in bridging and development loans

Once the application is made into the lender and the borrower has agreed loan terms, this is followed by streamlined valuation and legal requirements which enables lenders to complete within 24 hours of the loan enquiry, this is subject to the complexity of the transaction and the borrower’s circumstances

Yes, many lenders welcome first-time investors who have a viable loan application

No upfront fees, once you’ve accepted indicative terms from the lender, we will process your full application for £250. Once the loan completes and funds are in your account our broker fee is 1% of the total gross loan amount. (this can be added to the loan upon request)

Yes, Early repayment charges (ERC) will differ with the lender however most lenders have no ERCs after the minimum loan period of 1-3 months. Any unused or overpaid interest will be credited back to the borrower.

For more detailed and complicated Frequently Asked Questions please go to our FAQs page

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